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Guest Opinion: Immigration and the Election

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Posted by Angela Yang on May 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

This year’s Republican candidates were an interesting bunch. Being fearless, careless, and sometimes thoughtless, only Mitt Romney seems to be holding onto his relevance so far in the primaries. But the other candidates have no need to worry since they have still made an impact on the lives of many people… by offending them. Their policies on illegal immigration have caused many immigrants to move to Mexico, regardless of their legality. Additionally, even when uneasy feelings appear in many Hispanics, the Republicans merely dismiss them because they are too focused on their own campaigns. This was an ignorant decision, as a politician may easily lose votes for being unaware of the public’s outlook.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center*, for the first time in twenty years, Mexican immigration into the U.S. has stopped increasing. This means that while people are still coming into the country, more are now leaving. Around 1.4m Mexicans immigrated to the United States between 2005 and 2010. However, the same number or greater left during those years as well. The news caused considerable concern lately, especially since it was found during the week when the Supreme Court received arguments concerning Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants in 2010.

However, the Republican Candidates are not completely to blame. Many Hispanics feel offense to the fact that an Arizona State Law as well as a Federal Law instructs authorities along the Arizona border to be on special lookout for illegal immigrants. Sometimes, since a lot of immigrants lose or have never obtained their formal documents, they are mistaken for illegals. These mistakes often end in victims who are unreasonably harassed, deported, and separated from loved ones. High unemployment rates do not make life in America very attractive either, which is why it is not too much of a surprise that immigrants want to return to their homeland.

On the other hand, Obama has gained some support. He disagrees with targeting random suspects to make sure a citizen is legal, and proposes that the borders should have uniform enforcement throughout, which turn out to be very popular. Ridiculously enough, Republicans use the growing uneasiness as a way to undermine other candidates of the party instead of facing their problems and finding a solution. While previous GOP candidates threaten to deport all illegal immigrants, Obama gives the impression of a friendly ally. With such abundant reactions, the issue of immigration has been, and will ever more be, a prevalent issue in the 2012 elections.


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  • On May 3, 2012 at 8:26 pm 5baccess said

    Wow if that is not a rant I do not know what is.

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